Sisi's Journey



Lily Mason's gut-wrenching decision changes everything, including the life of her beloved baby girl, Sisi.

Raised on a Caribbean island by her grandmother, Bridget “Biddy” Mason, Sisi learns quickly, about unconditional love, the importance of faith, and the significance of family.

When Biddy gets too sick to take care of her, Sisi must endure the cold, inhospitable home of her distant father and callous stepmother in Canada. As the granddaughter of a former indigenous chief on the island, Sisi does not fit in at school or university. Although a gifted student, she constantly has to deal with rejection, racism, and relentless bullying. 

Are Faith, Hope, and Love enough for this Kalinago girl to survive?

What readers are saying about the book:


Author, Angela Charles, weaves a gripping story that tells about not one, but two heroines born years apart but forever joined by love beyond compare.

A grandmother takes responsibility for her son's daughter then trains and nurtures her to stand against discrimination and hatred of all kinds.

Sisi's Journey will prompt you to see those who may not "fit in" in a new light.

- David Seiling

Ventriloquist, Singer, Former Missionary and Youth Leader



Angela eloquently takes you along Sisi’s journey of self-discovery as she embraces her unique indigenous identity and struggles for acceptance in two different worlds—a journey intertwined with sacrifice, adversity, love, and unwavering faith. This book is relevant in today’s social climate and easy to read. Brilliant! Empowering! Timely!

- Amanda J Edwin

Ed (Hons); MSc; Educator.

Empowerment Coach. EntrepreneurKitchener, ON


Sisi’s Journey takes its readers from the lush island of Dominica to other lands, with the indomitable Sisi as the guide. This story is honest, observant, and relatable on the themes of belonging and overcoming obstacles, using an intriguing plot and rich characters. Angela paints the Kalinago culture with vivid strokes, immersing us in Sisi’s world.

- Anandi Carroll-Woolery

Chair, Afric-Caribbean Book Club (Waterloo Region)

Host, Your Region This Week, Rogers tv



With the strength of the ancestors silently coursing through her veins and the love of God, Sarah (Sisi) perseveres through tragedy, racism, and bullying on her successful journey through life. The love of a mother she never knew, and the nurturing of a paternal grandmother who instills in her a strong identity, allows Sarah to meet the challenges head-on and not be diminished or cowed by adversity. In the final analysis, Sarah grows into her heritage and settles into the power of her Kalinago blood to claim her place in her ancestral home and in the world.

This book delivers a powerful message on thriving through adversity with dependence on God’s love, ancestors, and settling comfortably into our own identity to ‘find home’ within our spirit.

- Adrienne Lucas

MA, M.Ed. Educational Developer (eLearning) Centre for Learning and Teaching, Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS

Product information:
Book length: 174 pages
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5
Type of literature - Christian fiction
Age range - Young adults, adults
Front Cover image: A traditional shelter and welcoming landmark at the Kalinago Barana AutĂȘ in Dominica. Cover design by Amanda Belec @thirteen13designz Cover Images: Lisle Bruney
ISBN - Paperback ISBN: 978-1-988155-28-9