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Available now! "His Perfect Timing"

Two Separate Lives.

One Chance Meeting.

Seated at a table on the patio of a restaurant, Maya Campbell waits for her date to arrive. She notices a young man enter with his friends, and as they lock eyes she is instantly reminded of a tall oak: strong and protective.


Chris Lawrence, momentarily mesmerized by this beautiful young woman sitting alone, barely has a chance to catch his breath, as his friends sweep him along to the far end of the restaurant—her captivating countenance, a mere memory.


Why is it so difficult to find love?


When Maya’s relationship ends instead of moving forward, she is left questioning herself, wondering if she will ever find her life partner. She longs for support from her parents but is repeatedly disappointed.


Chris finds himself caught up in a tangle of emotions as he stumbles with his faith and wrestles with a demanding relationship.


Each recalls that chance encounter with each other so many years ago, but it isn’t until a devastating event that they finally meet face to face. But is the timing right? Will the spark that Maya and Chris felt twelve years ago be ignited or does God have another plan?

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"When God is Silent", "Sisi's Journey" and "His Perfect Timing" are also available at A Different Booklist, 779 Bathurst St., Toronto, Ontario.

ebooks can be purchased at any online digital store.

"When God is Silent" - ebook

"Sisi's Journey" - ebook


"His Perfect Timing" is available in paperback, hardcover and ebook format from:

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