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As a writer, I’m using my imaginative thinking and creative flair to bring you stories to which you can relate.  They are stories of faith, hope and joy.

I was born in the Caribbean island of The Commonwealth of Dominica and graduated from the University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada.  I worked primarily in the banking and insurance sectors as an Information Technology Consultant in Canada and the United States.  I  was an entrepreneur owning several businesses and real estate holdings, a teacher, mentor and community volunteer.

When I'm not at my keyboard writing from my heart, I'm travelling or out volunteering in Kitchener, Ontario.


When God is Silent

December 11, 2019

Naomi Sullivan has all the visible trappings of success, but her life is a mess. As a wife and mother, she tries to navigate her way through the storms that threaten to overwhelm and plunge her into darkness. 

Her husband, Peter, a successful lawyer, is dealing with the consequences of a temporary lapse in judgement. Their only hope for happiness is to find a way to heal the rift and mend the marriage.

As Naomi faces one tragic event after another, instead of leaning more on God, she pulls further and further away, to the point of despair.

Will Naomi learn to forgive?

Will she renew her faith and find hope for tomorrow?  

When God is Silent is a passionate story of redemption, forgiveness, hope and second chances.

When God is Silent paperback is available in select bookstores, on Amazon.ca and from me by completing the form on the Contact page.

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Shared Thoughts

April 12, 2017

In the rush to keep pace with life, we often forget to slow down, to listen, and to see what is around us.  These poems are a reminder that we can be uplifted and have peace and joy by enjoying life's simple pleasures.

It is never too late to start - to start over to love again.  Although we have many blessings in our lives, we can also have pain, despair and sorrow. This collection encourages, shares loves, and gives hope.

I hope that you can identify with these poems.

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