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Rosalind Seveirn McClean - Author


Rosalind Severin McClean, best-selling author of Oceans of Thoughts Book One and Book Two, is known for her profound and most inspiring writing style. Her impressive work in poetry has claimed excellent reviews from her many audiences, both local and international. Not only has she participated in Open Mic events and written editions in Newspaper articles to showcase her work, but she was also featured in the Queens Underground Film Festival Poetry Showcase. Rosalind is an exemplary performer in the arts, dance, and culture. She has been interviewed on Radio talk shows including Civic Vibes on Q95 FM and Connecting The Dots on DBS Radio in Dominica; TDN Radio Caribbean; Metaphorically Speaking on Colourful Radio UK; The Diane Ray Show Florida; Live Your True Life Perspectives with Ashley Berges, Dallas Texas; The Writer’s Parachute Episode 35, Florida;  and has appeared on TV Stations: ABS TODAY, Antigua; BRIDGE STREET 9ABC, Syracuse, New York; KGET-TV 17 Bakersfield, California; and WSFL-TV’s INSIDE South Florida, to discuss her previous books, Oceans of Thoughts Book One and Book Two.


Born in The Commonwealth of Dominica to Mr. & Mrs. Clifford A. Severin, Ms. McClean lives with her daughter Malti McClean in Queens, New York.


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Arnold Toulon - Internationally Renowned Artist

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Arnold Toulon was born in Dominica. He started school at the Convent Preparatory school from Kindergarten 1 and 2 to 6 years before attending the St. Mary's Academy where he graduated in1979. In 1982 he received the Edna Manley School of Visual and Performing Arts scholarship to study art in Jamaica. That was a year after Bob Marley died and he visited his house on Hope Road in 1984.  


Four years later, in 1986, after returning to Dominica, he started painting T-shirts. That opened up his fluency, loosened him and allowed him to start working with galleries, and subsequently having his own. He currently lives in St. Lucia.


As an Internationally renowned artist, Arnold has exhibited throughout the Caribbean. From Trinidad to the Bahamas and USVI.

Arnold world exhibits include:

PARIS 1985

Vienna, AUSTRIA 1998.

Havana at Casas De Las Americas, Cuba 1998 

Sweden / Stockholm 1998.


Present exhibit:  Café 758, Rodney Bay, St. Lucia. 


Poem written and published from Arnold:

A few pieces of Arnold's artwork

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Marcus Carasco - Photographer

Marcus Carasco is one of our very own talents. A son of St. Lucia born and raised, he continues to call this island home.  Marcus currently resides in Canada and has over 20 years of experience as a freelance photographer. His work has been featured in newspapers and television both in Canada and the Caribbean. His photography crosses many genres such as landscape, macro photography, events, and weddings to name a few. However, his passion and expertise is grounded in portraiture and headshots. 

As a former Corporate Marketing and Brand Manager, he understands what it takes to attract the market. He has merged his marketing skills and advertising background and created a unique style of Branding Photography. He is seen as a coach teaching posing techniques in his photography sessions with clients prior to shooting. His professional images represent people, like entrepreneurs and small business owners that need help building their brand. He ensures that their brand message will be delivered in the final product prior to leaving his studio.  

Marcus believes everything his client does must be consistent with their brand message including their headshots and all images used in their multimedia channels.  Your brand imagery should always stay “top of mind”, and allow your customers and clients to know what to expect from your company.  Your headshot is your logo for your personal brand.


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Examples of Marcus' work

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2 years ago

Marcus is an incredibly talented photographer. I had the pleasure of working with Marcus for my engagement photo shoot. It was so much fun working with him and the pictures turned out amazing! He is very patient and helped us think through and plan all the details to ensure it went as smoothly as possible.

Baiyun Li
2 years ago

Marcus is great to work with and I am very happy with my headshot. Thanks Marcus.

2 years ago

The combination of his professionalism personality and talent cannot be matched Always guaranteed great results!

2 years ago

Congrats on all of your professional and hard work! Love working with you Marcus!

2 years ago

Marcus is great. What a positive energy. Uplifting and talented. Gets the best out subject to create wonderful photographs.

Lisa Taylor
2 years ago

Love Marcus’s work! My headshot was beautifully done. He is very professional and kind as well.

Tammy Defoe
2 years ago

I have been working with Marcus for around 6 months now. He is a great guy and a fantastic photographer. I highly recommend reaching out to him to get your photos taken.

Delia French
2 years ago

Very impressive Marcus, great headshots!

Craig Fried
2 years ago

Marcus is a talented photographer and deserves to be recognized!

Charlotte Chau
2 years ago

I am impressed the way you capture each photo.