When God is Silent



Naomi is a wife and mother with all the visible trappings of success, but her life is a mess.  As a wife and mother, she tries to navigate her way through the storms that threaten to overwhelm and plunge her into darkness. 

Her husband, Peter, a successful lawyer, is dealing with the consequences of a temporary lapse in judgement. Their only hope for happiness is to find a way to heal the rift and mend the marriage. 

As Naomi faces one tragic event after another, instead of leaning more on God, she pulls further and further away, to the point of despair.

Will Naomi learn to forgive?

Will she renew her faith and find hope for tomorrow? When God is Silent is a passionate story of redemption, forgiveness, hope and second chances. 

What Readers are Saying: 


 Angela speaks to all of us who have struggled through difficult circumstances. The title, When God Is Silent, drew me to the book. After all, who hasn’t lived through a time in their lives when it seems that God is taking a nap? As well, I appreciate Angela’s easy-to-read style of writing. I think you will too.

 - Brenda J Wood Author & Motivational Speaker http://heartfeltdevotionals.com


If you've ever felt life has thrown one curve ball too many, you will identify with Naomi, the main character in When God is Silent. Her opening line, "Life can change in a moment." is something readers can identify with. The author takes us on a journey with Naomi and her husband Peter as they tackle the challenges of hopelessness, lack of communication and despair. As they discover the changes of forgiveness and redemption, the author gives readers the opportunity to see hope no matter how dark the circumstances. This book is an easily relatable story. 

- Carol Harrison B.Ed Author & Motivational Speaker 


When God is Silent A beautifully written story of love, forgiveness, and hearing God, even when He is silent. 

- Theresa Goldrick DSW Avid Reader. Book Reviewer. Author. 


 A well-written book that kept me captivated. The characters are easily relatable, adding to my craving to read more. When God is Silent had me completely engaged and I felt, page after page, what the characters were going through. A book definitely worth picking up and reading. I highly recommend this book for so many reasons.

- Rosanne L. Brubacher Avid Reader, Book Reviewer   

Product information
Book length: 190 pages
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5
Type of literature - Christian fiction
Age range - Adult
Cover Images - Lightstock.com
ISBN - 978-1-988155-21-0