Published on 30 November 2022 at 06:00

Hello and welcome to my personal blog!

This is the place where I'll share my thoughts and my writing life. 


My goal is that my work will inspire and motivate you to be your authentic self. 

Writing helps me focus and gives me hope. 
I wrote the poem "Self Love" when I could not think clearly and my heart was heavy.



                        My thoughts are dark and unsettled

                        as I slowly and aimlessly circle the room.

                        Then I catch a glimpse of my image

                        and come to a sudden stop.

                        I turn, gaze, and focus.

                        Everything fades away.

                        Nothing else matters.


                        I lean closer and study you intently

                        in the glow of the shuttered room.

                        Your face shadowed and tense,

                        eyes troubled, brows furrowed.

                        Searching for answers, for inspiration,

                        questioning your worth,

                        your soul is restless and tormented.


                        I blink to get rid of that image,

                        An image that breaks my heart.

                        Blink again to a new, amazing vision.

                        I stare in wonder and disbelief

                        at the faces of your ancestors, men, and women,

                        young and old from various centuries

                        superimposed on yours.


                        I see their distress, their anguish.

                        Grey hairs, hard and wrinkled faces.

                        Each wrinkle a testament to their endurance,

                        to a life cut short by hardship and human indignities.

                        Pain and suffering were their constant companions.

                        Their indomitable strength shining through bright,

                        steady eyes despite physical and mental hardships.


                        My mind's eye sees their backs bowed,

                        weighted down with life's injustices,

                        their spirits bruised and battered but unbroken.

                        A reminder that ancestors are teachers,

                        that human beings are each other's keeper.

                        Take you brother's hand,

                        your sister's hand to survive.


                        You lift and jut out your chin with determination.

                        Your soul entwined with those before you.

                        Eyes shimmer with unshed tears.

                        Understanding dawning, fear,

                        loneliness and despair seem to slowly recede.

                        Confidence wells up within you.

                        Hope wells up and bubbles.


                        A smile spreads across your face,

                        your mind is quieted and alert.

                        You are standing taller and straighter

                        knowing that you are carried by many.

                        You have their faith, hope and strength.

                        You believe in yourself.

                        You are proud of who you are.


                        You have my attention.

                        Time to step up and take chances,

                        time to support others,

                        time to step out with light steps.

                        Burdens lighter and bearable.

                        My brother, my sister, you are not alone. 

                        I am you.


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